Fletcher's Place Meets All Dept of Education Guidelines & Qualifies for Stimulus (ARRA) Funding Sources

Fletcher's place meets the all the Education Department Guidelines.

  • Improves Student Achievement
  • Improves Teacher Effectiveness
  • Closes Achievement Gap
  • Reaches High Academic Standards (as measured by achievement scores)
  • Provides Proven Sustainable Results
  • Requires a Short-Term Investment, but has the Potential for Long Term

Fletcher's Place Qualifies for Funding From

Funding Source How Fletcher’s Place Qualifies
Title 1 Boosts achievement, reduces achievement gap
IDEA Promotes cooperative learning, class building
State Financial. Stabilization Funding (SFSF) Enhances teacher effectiveness & professional development
‘Race to the Top’ & Innovation Implements best practices With a track record for immediate results

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See, Summary of Guidelines for ‘Race to the Top’ Program